Welcome to my store.

Some of you Know me already but for those of you who don't here's a little bit about me and my business.

My name is Courtney Sweeney I am a an entrepreneur and I own Mind Body Soul Beads a successful gemstone jewelry company, If it wasn't for my customers at Mind Body Soul Beads I wouldn't be able to start Threads. So thank you to everyone has supported me in this growth. I am also mother, and wife I created Threads because I wanted to expand my business and start a company that could reach new heights and I want to create this so I could provide for my beautiful family and hopefully one day allow my husband to spend more time at home more with our kids.

But why Threads? Why Clothing?

As many of you know I am a very avid fitness enthusiast and bodybuilder, And that fitness has been a huge part of my life for over a decade. But because I still have 3 small children I didn't want to get back in to personal training, my schedule doesn't allow for it at this time in my life, not to mention as i am writing this we are in our 3rd wave of Covid 19 and the gym are all closed again. I wanted something a bit more sustainable. So I decided to start an activewear brand I will be expanding to swimwear and kids clothing, as few other staples coming soon.

I am passionate about fitness and I know that so many other in the world like me are. So I wanted to create a clothing brand that would reach everyone not just Active people, but EVERYONE. I wanted clothing that would be available for all women and men of all sizes and shapes.. My clothing will be available from XXS all the way to 5XL and I plan on changing my clothing to meet my clients needs!

So welcome EVERYONE to: